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About ISMA

The International Six Metre Association (ISMA) is the administrative organisation for the International Six Metre Class.

ISMA represents the class in its dealings with World Sailing, the international governing body for the sport. Its role is to:

  • Organise and supervise the international activities of the Class
  • Enact and enforce the International Six Metre Class rules
  • Promote, develop and govern international regattas for the International Six Metre Class throughout the world
  • Circulate information among the National Associations, International Six Metre sailors and the sailing community in general.

Full membership of ISMA is open to owners of International Six Metres, and they are grouped into national fleets for administrative purposes. Associate membership is available to owners of boats which are not in commission or undergoing an extensive rebuild, and anyone else who wants to keep in touch with the affairs of the Class. To join ISMA contact the Executive Secretary at: [email protected]

ISMA’s organisation is headed by a President, supported by five Vice-Presidents covering the key areas of racing, marketing, technical issues, the classic feet and the open division. A Treasurer is appointed to oversee the Association’s finance. All officers are elected for a two-year term by a general meeting of the membership. The day-to-day administration is in the hands of an Executive Secretary who works part-time under contract to the Association.

For more information please visit the main class website at 6metre.com.