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Classic Six Metre newsletter no. 13, 2008

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Classic Six Metre newsletter, edited by Basil Carmody and Fredrich Dahlman for members of the International Six Metre Assocation. The newsletter contains articles and updates from various contributors.

The contents of the newsletter are:

Vital Statistics

In’s and Out’s [sic]

Message from the Chairman of the Classics Committee

A proposal for the Annual Meeting

Features (The Russian L6 class; A set of plans for every Six; Transporting a classic Six – my personal experience)

Technical (Re-enforcing a wooden hull to resist the stresses transmitted by modern sails)

Biographies (Architects: Arbaut & Arbeaut; Builder: Henry Nevins; Sailmaker: Raimondo Panario)

Miscellany (Rescue Opportunity of 2008 and candidates for the years ahead; Kyla restoration needs sails; Flash – September metric regatta at Cannes; North American Web site)

News from the Fleets

Classic Sixes newly for sale

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Basil Carmody
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The Classic Six Metre Newsletter
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March 2008
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Edited by Basil Carmody and Fredrich Dahlman
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