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World Championships in the archives

As we get closer to the 2019 World Championships, this time being held in Hanko, Finland, I thought it would be worth seeing what I can find in the archive on previous events.

One of the best represented Worlds shown in the archive is the 2007 event hosted by the Royal Yacht Squadron in Cowes, UK. One of the very earliest contributors to the archive project, the Squadron allowed us to publish all of the paperwork in their archive relating to the event. There are currently 11 items from their archive online, with more in the queue to be uploaded in due course. The papers give us a great insight into the organisation of the event; not only are there the usual notice of race and sailing instructions, but booking forms for social events and correspondence from and to race officers – including my personal favourite, a lunch order for the committee boat.

While 2007 seems like the very recent past, these documents are now preserved on this site so that as time marches on they will serve as a record well into the future. They give us a snapshot view of the event, including people’s taste in sandwiches!

If you are interested in earlier Championships, we now have race results – in varying levels of detail – available for you to search. Our records currently only go back as far as 1995, despite the first World Championship being held in 1973. We would love to hear from anyone who has records or photographs of sets of race results that we can add onto the site. Please get in touch if you have anything!

And finally, the very best of luck to all sailors competing in Finland this year. Let’s hope for perfect sailing weather and look forward to some fabulous hospitality from the Finns. See you there!


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