World Digital Preservation Day 2019 - International Six Metre Archive

World Digital Preservation Day 2019

It’s World Digital Preservation Day 2019! Did you know that the ISMA archive has no paper in it?

At the ISMA archive we are all about digital preservation; it drives everything we do and is where we started out. On this World Digital Preservation Day I thought it might be a good idea to explore the hows and whys of our digital ethos.

The idea of the archive originally came about because of a concern that some material relating to the class is potentially vulnerable to loss or damage. We also knew that the class archives were scattered around the world and held by many people. ISMA was very keen on the idea of somehow bringing the material together in one place, but without premises of its own, let alone the space to keep a physical archive, the issue of storage was a big problem.

And so the idea of a digital archive came about. Keeping a digital record of the material has some significant benefits for us:

  • It allows us to preserve a digital copy of any archives, meaning that we at least have a copy if the original becomes lost.
  • It allows us to bring the records together in one virtual location without the need for physical storage facilities.
  • No-one has to give away their papers or original pictures or objects.
  • It hugely increases access, allowing anyone to see a copy of the archive with the click of a button instead of having to see the physical document.

We ask that anyone who would like to add content to the archive sends us good, high quality scans of their documents, that we can then catalogue and add to the collection. Everything is attributed to its original owner and/or copyright holder so they can be traced back should anyone be interested in finding out more.

Through this collaborative effort we are steadily building up a collection of digital records, all kept to archival standards, which will allow the history or the Six Metre class to be researched by future generations.

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